From beyond the horizon's edge arrives Dragonfly: a supernatural shapeshifter, darkly demure on the outside, while on the inside entirely saturated with alien, liquid light. There is to be found within, colour and texture for days—and nights, especially nights—with a particular moody, auroral warmth and a dash of something decidedly diagonal.

Operating Voltage: 100V (⚠️ Requires a step-down transformer ⚠️).
Standard: NTSC
Inputs: 2
Outputs: 2
Effect Controls: 37 (34 switched knobs + 3 switches).
Original Effect Controls: 9

Price: $850 CAD + shipping.
Availability: Built to order—2 spots available.

Please download the following 4K demo reel to get a feel for what this unit is capable of (also visible as gif loops below):
Demo Reel 1—Dragonfly Solo

For an overview of the functionality of this unit, please see the manual:
Operation Instructions

I replace the voltage regulators and power capacitors in each unit in order to improve their stability and longevity.

Each device is dressed with high quality, automotive grade aerosol paint, for maximum extradimensional effect.

Please reach out to fermata.positronics [at] gmail.com for further information, shipping quotes, and to order or get on the waitlist.

Example Visuals:

Previously sold units: