A dreamweaver at heart, the Spectraloom is gauzy and hallucinatory, featuring a wide range of textural effects to explore. From gothic hyper-blur, to fluffy ultra-saturation and textile-like patterns, this device is conjured for your dreaming pleasure - lucidly so at that.

Operating Voltage: 100V (⚠️ Requires a step-down transformer ⚠️).
Standard: NTSC
Inputs: 3
Outputs: 3
Effect Controls: 16
Original Enhancer Controls: 5

Price: $400 CAD + shipping.
Availability: Waitlist

Please view the following demos to get a feel for what this unit is capable of:
Demo 1 - Unit Solo
Demo 2 - Unit + Time Base Corrector (For.A FA-370)

For an overview of the functionality of this unit, please see the manual:
Operation Instructions

I replace the voltage regulator and power capacitors in each unit in order to improve their stability and longevity.

Every unit is dressed with high quality, automotive grade aerosol paint (4 layers of 3 coats each) for maximum extradimensional effect.

Please reach out to fermata.positronics [at] gmail.com for further information, shipping quotes, and to order or get on the waitlist.

Units ship from Ontario, Canada.

Previously sold units: